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    What’s Eindhoven like: 3 reasons why I love Eindhoven

    What’s Eindhoven like? Well, for me Eindhoven is a cool city. That is – at least from what I observed – an unpopular opinion. Asking foreigners, or even the Dutch themselves, you can easily conclude that most people just don’t like Eindhoven for many reasons. The city lacks an old town, outstanding events and… females. At first glance, it may appear just boring and simply ugly, due to its modernism. But is it really like that? I, myself, enjoy Eindhoven way too much. I might seem like a weirdo but there are several reasons for which I adore this bizarre city. What’s Eindhoven like: a glance into the future While…

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    Erasmus in Zielona Gora – everything you need to know

    Erasmus in Zielona Gora? That sounds like… Well, probably doesn’t ring any bells, does it? My name is Alicja and I was born in Zielona Gora. I studied there, I participated in the Erasmus programme in Spain and when I returned home, I took care of other foreign students. Therefore, I believe that I’m a the right person to tell you everything you need to know before coming here. Here is your ultimate guide of Erasmus in Zielona Góra, Poland!

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    5 reasons why Polish girls fall for foreigners

    I guess it must be very frustrating when the girl of your dreams chooses an exotic foreigner instead of you, a nice guy from her neighbourhood. Have you ever wondered why it happens? I mean, why – in this case – Polish girls fall for foreigners? In my opinion, in four out of five cases, Polish guys can’t do much about it. This can be both good and bad news.

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    Porto, Portugal: The magic city

    Portugal, Portugal… It was on my dream list for a long time but I could never find a good time to go there… Or a proper amount of money. For that reason, I’m really glad that tickets from Madrid to Porto were ridiculously cheap (45e both ways) and I had a chance to visit such a stunning city as Porto. Or, in this case, the more accurate word is “magical”.

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    Au Pair: 5 things I’ve learnt

    I still remember how my legs were shaking when I was saying goodbye to my parents at the airport. A few minutes later my heart went crazy when I was about to check in. There it was – I was about to become an Au Pair. My very first time when I had to count only for myself, left alone between Okęcie and Heathrow. It was an emotional rollercoaster. And it was only the beginning.